New Year’s Eve, LEO Style

Ah, New Year’s Eve.  A time for celebration, for fresh starts, for fun parties, for kisses at midnight, and… well…. if you’re a LEO, shootings, domestics, assaults, and general asshole-ishness that really start your New Year off on a sour note.

As I mentioned, JD had to work New Year’s Eve this year, so I spent the evening curled up with my Double Stuff Oreos.  Although low-key and boring by most standards, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to trade with JD.

Besides the fact that they are out in the cold, separated from their loved ones, holidays are some of the worst days for LEOs because those days have a high rate of domestics and various other depression-driven or alcohol-infused incidents.

As the clock ticked down to the New Year, Loralai and I were safe at home in bed, and JD was out in the woods, looking for a man who was threatening to commit suicide.  At midnight, he could hear the fireworks and helicopters from the downtown celebration, while shots from automatic weapons rang out in his district.  He was alone in the cold darkness- no celebration, no loved ones, no kisses at midnight.  For a minute, he said he even had some flashbacks to Afghanistan.

No matter the day, time, or weather, our LEOs are forever out there, literally putting their lives at risk to protect the cities they serve.  And the thing is, most people don’t care or give it a second thought.  The wonderful thing about our LEOs is that they don’t do it for the thanks; they do it because they are called to a life of service, no matter the sacrifices.

I wish JD wasn’t alone at midnight.  I wish he could have been curled up at home with me.  I wish we could have shared a kiss at midnight.  But after a night like New Year’s Eve, I was thankful that he came home to me in one piece.  In this life, that’s all you can really ask for.

Reflections on 2013

New Year’s Eve + 11 Month Old + Hubby At Work = Double Stuff Oreos

Don’t be jealous.

As I sit here enjoying my Oreos and reflecting on our year, JD is out dealing with the crazies.

Yep, Oreos win.

Here are my thoughts on what 2013 meant to our family….

2013 was a year of new beginnings

IMG_0655 The beginning of the year also marked the final countdown to Loralai’s due date.  JD and I spent the month soaking up our final days of just the two of us, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one.  We were blessed with nice weather and we went on several walks to keep me moving and help ensure she made a timely debut.  She obliged, arriving the night of my due date, our little ray of sunshine.


2013 was the year I discovered my own strength

Having never been physically tested like that, I wasn’t sure how I would handle labor.  It was so fast that I had no time for drugs, so I did it without pain meds.  But I also did it without screaming or crying.  If I’m being honest, I was kind of in awe of myself.

526533_10151329126286630_623289554_n New mama, looking like I only slept 1.5 hours, then labored so quickly I didn’t have time to brush my hair.

2013 was a year of accomplishments

JD won a couple of Chief’s Citations as well as a Distinguished Service Medal, one of the police department’s highest awards.  Later in the year, I got a promotion, proving that mom and dad still got it going on in the workplace.


2013 was a year of firsts

From first smiles and giggles to first holidays and first vacations, everything this year was new and exciting simply because we had someone along who was experiencing it all for the first time.


2013 was a year of happy chaos

This year, our house was buzzing with continuous friends and family ready to meet our little one, the coos of a happy baby, and three curious (but always rambunctious) pups, who just had their world turned upside down.


2013 was the year I learned about unconditional love


Which makes it the best year ever.