Friday Favorites: Work, Play, Blog Love

Related to Work

Working from home: There’s nothing quite like rolling out of bed and logging into your work computer while sipping coffee in your PJ’s.  (I get to do it every Friday!)  No rush hour traffic, no scramble to get yourself, a baby, and 3 dogs ready for the day, and when I’m done for the day, I’m already home!

Standing desk: I don’t know about any other mamas out there, but I definitely jacked something in my tailbone up when I was giving birth.  Since then, sitting for extended periods of time has really bothered my hips and tailbone.  In December, it reached a point that was pretty excruciating, to the point that I couldn’t handle sitting for a full day.  When I heard we had some sit/stand workstation setups floating around the office, I jumped at the chance to get one. I now stand for a couple of hours every day, and being able to switch it up has made all the difference.


Related to Play

Having a 16 month old:  She’s pretty awesome. She is curious, bright, social, fun, and loving.  She’ll sit at the table and color, dance to music, and mimic almost anything we do.  She is past the helpless baby stage but pre cranky toddler stage. Yeah, Mom Life is pretty good right now.


Summer: Even as a working adult who doesn’t get summers off, there’s still something special about it.  Summer seems to bring more time with friends, sunshine, laughter, sand and water, tasty drinks, and so much joy.


JD on light duty: We leave at the same time every morning.  We arrive home at the same time every night.  He has every weekend off.  There is something almost uncomfortable about the normalcy of it all, but it’s been such a blessing in disguise.  It gives us time to enjoy all those wonderful summer things I just mentioned, as a family, 100% of the time.


Favorite Bloggers and Blog Posts

I love, love reading blogs, and I’m always looking for new ones.  For any of you looking for new blogs to follow, here are my favorites.

One thing I will mention is that I follow several police wife blogs, but none of the ones I follow have posted recently.  Maybe someday I can do a post completely dedicated to police wife blogs.  In the meantime, suggestions welcome!  Post your favorite blogs in the comments 🙂


Ain’t No Mom Jeans– She is my blog crush. (Is that a thing?  If not, I’m making it a thing.  In a non-creepy way, of course.)  I love her blog so much because she takes such an honest look at motherhood, and a practical approach to being a fashionable mom, whether pregnant, postpartum, nursing, or just chasing young kiddos around. (Also, she recently battled breast cancer and still manages to look fabulous all the time.)

She recently posted about a trip to a conference without her kids, and the comments she made about returning home really resonated with me. I could have written it myself, really.

“Mamas home, where she belongs. And I do belong here, right here, with them. But part of me wants the expansive me, the one with vision, and personal goals that are very different from the goals of a mother. I guess that’s the trick, right? This balance of what you can give vs what you need; I want it all.”


Working Mom Magic– I feel like most mom blogs out there are by stay-at-home moms.  I’m not trying to demean what they do in any way, but it is very different than being a working mom.  It’s nice to read a blog from another mama who’s out there, like me, doing the work thing.

I really, really enjoyed this post where she talks about the dangers of the “everybody wins” attitude.

I also really enjoyed her post about following your mom instincts, which sometimes means ignoring what the books and “experts” tell you.  So.  True.


Airing My Dirty Laundry– Her husband is in the Air Force, and while I feel a sense of camaraderie towards her for being a military spouse, it also reminds me to be thankful that JD is ONLY a LEO and not a LEO in the military.  Her husband deploys.  A lot.  And she has 2 kids.  Yuck.

She posted recently about people who tell her that the military lifestyle is “easy.”  A big WTF to that.


Hands Free Mama– In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in the constant hustle and bustle of work, school, activities, and the distractions of cell phones, iPads, and TVs.  She is an absolutely beautiful writer who reminds us to focus on the things that really matter in life, like our kiddos.


A Game of Diapers– Two full-time working parents and 3 kiddos, 2 of which are twins?!  Oh my, I have no idea how she does it, folks.


Healthy Slice of Life– A good blog, especially if you like cooking and focusing on feeding your family with nutritious, healthy foods.  I hate cooking, but for some reason still really enjoy this blog.  That must mean something 🙂




Wardrobe Refresh

The seasons are changing, and I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to get out and go shopping for some new clothes.  Posts from  (Ain’t No Mom Jeans, MODG, and Stylin Mommies) gave me the extra push I needed.  It’s time for some serious shopping, people.  A lot of my clothes just don’t fit the same now that I’ve had a baby.  It’s not that I’m too big for them, it’s just that things seem to be in different places now, so it’s probably time for those shirts I’ve had (I’m embarrassed to admit) since 2007 to go.  Anything I bought last season is maternity, so it’s probably time for me to do a wardrobe refresh.

This is great for anyone, but is especially great for moms, as we’re probably the most guilty of keeping things we shouldn’t, and hesitating to splurge a little on ourselves.  My first step is going to be to go through my closet and put aside anything that doesn’t fit me, flatter me, or that I haven’t worn in at least a year.  No matter how much I love something, it’s time to be brutally honest with myself about whether I really should keep it or not.

Even my shoes will be under scrutiny.  These days, I’m busy hauling around a baby, so I’m no longer willing to sacrifice comfort for style.  My collection of heels seems a little excessive considering I don’t really wear them anymore.  Does this mean I’m going all frumpy and only wearing Crocs?  No.  All it means is that a lot of my stilettos will probably be moving out in favor of more practical flats, but I’ll still keep a couple of basics for dressing up, summer wedges and some booties for fall/winter.

The next step is to figure out what kind of look you’re going for.  I recommend doing what Ain’t No Mom Jeans recommends and start your style board.  They recommend pulling pictures from magazines, but I found it was easiest to do my board on Pinterest.  Figure out the types of things you’re drawn to and the types of pieces you’d have in your ideal wardrobe.  Then, SHOP.

My plan is to pick an afternoon and leave L with JD so I can shop by myself, uninterrupted.  I like shopping with friends, but if I’m going to be doing Serious Shopping (not just leisurely shopping for a few pieces), I’d actually rather just go it alone.  If you find yourself without much time/energy to shop in stores, I’ve been loving Nordstrom for their free shipping and hassle free returns.  I’m able to order a bunch of stuff, try stuff on, and return what I don’t like or what doesn’t fit using the pre-paid, pre-printed return label.

Happy shopping! (And don’t be afraid to spend a little time and money on yourself)