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My Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy.

After the horrific events in France, there was brief moment where we came together and mourned. People changed profile pictures to the French flag as a sign of solidarity, and I was reminded of a time after September 11th where we felt unified as a nation and as a world.

Then, the finger pointing commenced.

American hasn’t done enough.
Our president hasn’t done enough.
Americans are mourning for the French, but ignoring the funeral bombing in Baghdad and another bombing in Beirut.
Muslims are bad.
The refugee crisis caused this.
None of the Syrian refugees should be allowed to cross our borders.

And then France bombed an ISIS training camp and the world cheered.

I didn’t.

At my core, I still have a hippie heart. While I’m under no illusion that peace, love, and free hugs is going to protect us from a group like this, I just can’t bring myself to celebrate death and destruction. It makes me sad that there are people with so much hate, they will kill innocent people for no reason, but it also makes me sad that we have to bomb an entire group to protect ourselves.

For some, the world is black and white. An eye for an eye. They deserved what they got.

For me, the world is shades of gray. They were still living, breathing souls. It’s sad that it came to this.

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