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Still Here

Hey, y’all (I’ll always be an Ohio girl, but with NC being my current home state, sometimes I feel the need to throw a y’all in there).

I’ve been neglecting the blog, and I’m kind of okay with that. Life has been a whirlwind. It seems JD’s injury and the schedule he maintains on light duty has opened us up to doing more, and we’ve managed to quickly fill all that “extra” time we now have. In the past month, there have been birthday parties, dinners, a baseball game, a goodbye to L’s babysitter, a transition to a new daycare, and a motorcycle trade-in (JD’s sport bike for a “safer” cruiser).

This past Sunday, we were so desperate for life to slow down that we physically marked the day off on our Joint Calendar so that neither of us could make any plans (and yes, we had to turn some people down). We had a quiet day at home as a family, just watching movies and recharging.

It. Was. Amazing.

I felt SO relaxed by the end of the day and felt like I had finally had a minute to ENJOY my weekend and time with JD and L. It was a reminder that sometimes you just have to say no to things. Sometimes, shutting out the rest of the world to enjoy a quiet moment with your family is necessary and worthwhile.

So, I’m still here. Hopefully I’ll get back to posting more frequently, but for now, I’m just enjoying family, friends, summer, and stealing a quiet moment here and there.


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