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Random Thoughts By Jenny

Aren’t you all just dying to know the random things that swirl through my mind?

Good, I’ll share.

1.  There is nothing- nothing– that beats L’s smile when she sees me after a week away, or just a day at work.

2.  Sometimes my entire purpose for eating a meal is to have an excuse to eat dessert afterwards.

3.  I always feel bad for JD when he’s switching between day and night shift.  I can’t imagine doing a complete 180 with your sleep schedule like that, especially when you only have a few days to do it in (the 3 hour time difference in LA was bad enough).

4.  There’s something about the spring warm-up that makes me want to quit my job and lay outside in the sun all day.  Oh, and shop.  Being inside is okay too, as long as I’m shopping.

5.  L is getting to a stage where she gets a little upset when I drop her off at the babysitter’s and she sees me leaving.  It’s hard to leave her like that, but also reassuring to know that I’m #1, and that I’m missed (I always had a secret fear she liked the babysitter more than me).

6.  Not really sure how it happens, but the dogs manage to take over the bed, so even when JD is working, I spend most of the night dangerously close to falling off the edge.

7.  Thanks to the generosity of friends and family (and her birthday at the beginning of the month), L now has more clothes than I think I’ve ever owned in my life.  I can barely open and close her dresser.  She’s one stylin’ kid.  Seriously, how cute are these shoes?


8.  We also already have an attic full of toys and clothes she’s outgrown.  I honestly don’t know where we’re going to keep storing all her stuff.  We may have to give her the master bedroom and move into the nursery instead.  If I’m being honest, I find this view quite soothing anyway.


9.  I bought protein powder recently thinking I could trick myself into thinking I was drinking a milkshake.  Turns out, you actually need the ice cream for it to taste like a milkshake.

10.  It really annoys me when people cut you off in traffic, then proceed to wave a thank you, as if you let them in.  No, douche, I will not accept your wave.

FYI, the blog is currently under construction.  Expect a new look in the coming weeks!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts By Jenny

  1. Those shoes are super cute! I used to work at Nordstrom in the kids’ shoes department and I loved helping mommies with toddlers 🙂

    I can’t wait to have one of my own…whenever that is.

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