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Random Thoughts

This week has been all over the place. So this post is all over the place. Random thoughts by Jenny…


JD needs to learn that just because the baby’s outfit is all the same color doesn’t mean it matches.


A follow up with the orthopedist this morning means NO MORE SLING. Still need a lot or resting, icing, and stretching, but ditching the sling is a huge victory.


The nice thing about having dogs is that I never worry about L being messy at dinner. There’s always a cleanup crew nearby.


You know that feeling when you’re eating cookie dough and it’s making your stomach hurt but it’s so delicious you can’t stop? Um… I mean… No?  Oh… me neither.


I wish the people of North Carolina would understand that black ice isn’t a threat when the roads are dry.


T-minus 2 weeks till JD’s big debut fight. T-minus 13 days and 23 hours till I have a major anxiety attack.


Am I the only mom who questions my parenting skills pretty much daily?


L’s babysitter and her friend both have Etsy shops and they used L for some modeling. I don’t mean to brag, but she’s pretty much a natural.  I mean, look at her in that 2nd one.  Staring into the distance- what a pose!




I hope you all have a wonderfully random weekend.

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