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Role Reversal

This past week, we spent time at home in Ohio with my family.  We enjoyed lazy afternoons bundled up at home, Graeter’s ice cream, catching up with friends, and an overall relaxing vacation, that is until I decided to throw myself down my parents’ basement steps and fracture my elbow.

Naturally, I fractured my right elbow and I’m right handed, and with a nearly 1 year old running around, things have been… interesting.

You never really appreciate something till it’s gone, and I’m certainly missing the full use of my right arm.  Simple things like putting on a sweatshirt or opening a bottle are now nearly impossible tasks.  I’ve discovered how frustrating food packaging can be and how awkward it is to put on mascara with my left hand.  I can’t even do my own hair.  JD had to put my hair in a ponytail for me this morning.  That’s love right there, folks.

The thing is, my parents were really helpful when we were still home, and JD has been amazing.  While I appreciate their help, I have a really, really hard time depending on people completely.  So when L woke up at 7:30 this morning and I knew JD was exhausted from our late-night 8 hour drive back from Ohio, I decided to get up and try to take care of her myself instead of waking him up.  What a disaster.  It took a half hour, and I ended up with a naked baby who had peed on the carpet.  So, that was fun.  I had to wake him up anyway to clean up my mess (L did not think it was a disaster; she thought running around her room naked was a great start to the day).

The good news is that I saw an orthopedist this morning and he told me that I’m very lucky.  Because it’s only a hairline fracture and nothing is out of place, I get to use a sling instead of a full cast, and am even allowed to pick up L, as long as I mostly use my left arm to do it.  I mean, I have baby at home and a hubby who does shift work, so let’s be honest for a minute, I was probably going to be carrying her around regardless, but at least now I have permission to do so 🙂

My follow up appointment is in 2 weeks, and hopefully I will be back to my normal self.  For now, I guess I get to be the injured one and JD gets to take care of me for a change 😉



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