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Making the Most of It- Loralai’s First Christmas

Holidays in our household are always strange.  With JD’s schedule, there’s a high probability that he will be working or on a night shift schedule and sleeping most of the day.  This Christmas was no exception.  He’s on his night shift month and had Christmas Eve off, but had to work Christmas Day night (if that makes sense).

LEO Life = Making the Most of It

We didn’t have any family coming to visit us (unlike last year, when EVERYBODY came to stay with us over Christmas so we could have my baby shower, and we had 9 people packed into our tiny 3 bedroom house… talk about chaos) and JD’s family all went up north to celebrate with extended family.  We were all alone, basically, but honestly, after the year we’ve had with the new baby, seemingly continuous visitors and quite a few trips of our own, I was so, SO ready for a quiet holiday at home, just the 3 of us.

I woke up with L on Christmas Eve morning and decided to treat Christmas Eve like Christmas day, since it was the closest we were going to get.  I made chocolate chip waffles and bacon, and L and I sat down to breakfast together while JD snoozed away (I must say, it’s nice to have L as a little companion when JD is working or sleeping, especially on days like this).  I saved breakfast leftovers for JD’s belated breakfast, then got a jump start on the slow cooker pork tenderloin for dinner.  It was one of those rare, rare times that I felt really happy being in the kitchen cooking.  Maybe because it felt holiday-ish on a day that otherwise might have felt like a regular day?

Anyway, JD woke up mid-afternoon and we decided to open presents before dinner.  We knew we were going to open presents Christmas Eve because of JD’s schedule, and didn’t want to wait too late in the evening so that we could allow L time to play with all of her fun stuff.

She liked the wrapping, especially the bows.


But needed a little help getting things open.




We probably could have just skipped all the other gifts and given her this cardboard bear and she would have been a happy camper.


But she got plenty of other things that were huge hits.


We could tell she was on sensory overload from all the new stuff.


She’s gonna be so bummed when we take down the tree.

IMG_1784So, after gifts, we had our family dinner, then caught the end of How The Grinch Stole Christmas before we put L to bed.  It was a great little family holiday, both relaxed and quiet.  And the thing is, I’m not mad that we had to celebrate Christmas the day before or not have a “real” Christmas morning or that I spent Christmas night watching White Christmas alone.  There is always time for celebrating family and togetherness, you just have to find it.  And in our family, we always, always find it.

My only regret?  Not thinking to get out our nice camera and checking the lighting before I just started haphazardly snapping pictures with my phone.

Oh well, you get the idea.

Happy first Christmas, Loralai!


2 thoughts on “Making the Most of It- Loralai’s First Christmas

  1. Jenny, I really enjoyed your family Christmas story, it was special because it was little L’s first CMas . You made the best of it under the circumstances, JD’s schedule. So glad to hear you had a great family day!


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