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Mama Goes on a Business Trip

So, I knew travel was a possibility when I was offered the promotion a couple of months ago, and it didn’t take long for the first trip to come up. Since my new team is spread out at offices across the country (I’m the only one from my team in my office location), they are bringing everyone to Denver next week for a week-long team meeting.

When I heard the news, my very first thought was how excited I was- I’ve always wanted to see Denver. It sounds like such a cool city, and I know the mountains we have here in NC are basically foothills compared to what they have out there. I work with people based out of the Denver office all the time, so I’m excited to meet them face-to-face and get to know everyone on my new team.

Then I started to think about L and how guilty I felt for being excited. Aren’t I supposed to be devastated that I’m leaving her for a week? Am I missing some sort of motherhood-attachment gene? I know a lot of moms who can barely stand the thought of leaving their kids overnight, let alone for a whole week. Why don’t I feel that way? If I already have a hard time leaving her for 40 hours a week and every second at home is precious to me, why am I okay with this?

Maybe being away from her during the week is the very reason it’s easier for me to take a trip like this. I’m used to spending time away from her. Life for our family has always been about balance.  For me, balance means being a loving mom and having a successful career, even if I have to leave her for a couple of days every once in a while.

Luckily, with JD’s schedule, he has always played an equal part in taking care of her. I don’t have to worry about him knowing when/how much to feed her or what her bedtime routine is.

I’m just hoping she doesn’t change too much in those 5 days.  You hear that, Loralai?!  No walking or anything….






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