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Family Outing- ER Time!

  Meet Boyd, our goofy, illness-prone, lovable pup.


Meet JD, my goofy, injury-prone, lovable husband.


There’s a very good chance these 2 were separated at birth.

As you know, Boyd had a hematoma in his ear a few weeks ago.  Last Wednesday night, JD discovered he had the same thing in one of his ears, an injury that resulted from a MMA session at the gym.  So, he went to the ER to have it drained, and came home with some lovely gauze sewn into his ear.


Back off, ladies, he’s mine.

He removed the gauze Friday night (after getting approval from the doctor), then woke up Saturday morning to discover his ear had filled with fluid again.

So, rather than spending the absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon outside, we went on a little family outing to the ER.  At first, we went to the  “local” branch of the hospital, which is what the on-call specialist at the “big” hospital told us to do.  That was a disaster from the start.  Everyone, from the nurse to the doctor, seemed confused as to why we were there.  After quite a while (an hour or so), they finally told us that they couldn’t do the procedure there, and we’d have to go to the main hospital.  So, we waited for discharge papers, and waited… and waited some more.  Finally, JD went out to ask what was taking so long, and they informed us that they had ordered a transport for us.

Um, what?

First of all, they ordered the transport without mentioning it to us at all, that is until we asked.  Secondly, we had driven to the ER, so why would we need someone to transport us to the main hospital?  Thirdly, riding in an unnecessary hospital transport would mean outrageous charges on our bill.  No thanks.

So, they finally got us our discharge papers and we got the hell out of there.  As irritated as we were, I’m glad no one there tried to drain JD’s ear, because they clearly had no clue what they were doing.

So, off to the big hospital we went.  JD was not thrilled, because this hospital is not only in his district, but in his beat, so he was not pleased to be going there off duty.  From the second we walked in, I could tell he was on-edge, eyeing everyone in the waiting area.  He didn’t like being there out of uniform, with his family, especially after seeing a couple people he’d previously arrested.  Luckily, the advantage to being out of uniform is that he’s less conspicuous, so no one ever gave us a second glance.

After some confusion at check-in (they were supposed to have a bed waiting for us since he’d already been admitted at the branch hospital), they showed us to a room where we waited… and waited… and waited some more.  At this point, practically my entire Saturday had been wasted sitting around in hospitals, and I was getting hungry (you don’t want to be around me when I’m hungry).  Basically, I wanted to punch everybody in the face.

In total, I think we spent 6 hours in hospitals on Saturday.  After finally getting his ear drained and checking out, we made our way home and ordered some Olive Garden to go.  JD tried to salvage the evening by finding a “classic Italian” station on Pandora and installing a “candle” app on his phone so it could feel like “a real restaurant.”  I love that man.  No matter how irritated I am, he can always manage to make me laugh.

I should also mention that Loralai was a champ.  She barely made a peep in all the hours we were out and about, which is greatly appreciated since her behavior could have easily taken my day from I want to punch everybody in the face to I’m having a nervous breakdown.  Hey Loralai, keep being awesome.


While I cleaned up dinner, JD gave Loralai a bath (to wash off 6 hours worth of hospital) then put her to bed, we watched a show, and went to bed.

Everything was normal until about 3am, when I woke up because JD was in agonizing pain.  They had given him Vicodin, but he said it wasn’t working.  In all the time I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him in pain like this- not after breaking his kneecap in half, or after knee surgery, or after splitting his face open on the cement.  I went downstairs and got an ice pack for him, which seemed to numb the pain enough that he eventually fell asleep.

He slept until 3 on Sunday, and although his ear was still hurting, he was certainly better than the night before.

So, not the best weekend in our household.  In fact, it felt like we wasted a warm, sunny weekend where he was actually off work.

Ah, the life of an adrenaline junkie and his family.

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