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Dear Court, I Hate You

After a long weekend of night shifts, JD woke up to a call from the DA telling him the court date for one of his cases had been moved from Thursday to… tomorrow, which is supposed to be his day off and his day home with L.

At first, I was super angry with the city.  Do they have any regard for his home/personal life?  Do they think we love dropping everything to find a sitter and JD loves going in on his day off for a court case?  As if it’s not bad enough that they make him go into court, in the morning, when he also has to work a 12 hour overnight shift that same night every other month, now they were messing with his personal/family time.  If they’re going to pull this, I thought angrily, they should at least have city-provided child care.

But then I stopped and thought about how every job has it’s little annoyances, and that overall the city treats their officers pretty well, by comparison.  JD earns a good amount of time off, and the city provides all of their uniforms and equipment; not all departments do that.  Some departments make their officers purchase their own kevlar vests, which are not cheap (and leads to safety issues because officers are skimping on vests or buying used vests, which is a huge no-no, but that’s a different rant….)

I also had to think how thankful I am that we have friends and family that are always willing to help out and that we have a very understanding and flexible babysitter.  I don’t know where we’d be without them, literally.

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