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Boyd Update

The poor pup.  His procedure on Tuesday went as expected; all the fluid was drained and now we’re just waiting for the ear to fully heal.

Having to wear the cone is making him majorly depressed.  The poor guy has no peripheral vision and can’t navigate around the house without bumping into things and getting stuck.  He usually gives up and finds a spot to lie down and pout.  We have to take the cone off every so often to make sure he gets some water, and I’ll usually take it off when he goes outside so he’s not quite so disoriented.  He also has very little appetite, probably a result of his meds.

Sadie, our diva pup, seems to be getting progressively more jealous from all the attention Boyd is getting.  I can practically hear her thinking First they brought home that stupid baby and now THIS. Harrier, the “fixer” of the family seems upset that he can’t get to Boyd’s ears to lick the wound.  He’ll look over and Boyd and his cone, then look over at me with an expression that seems to say I just want to help!

But he is getting better, slowly but surely.

And in other craziness, JD’s best friend starts the police academy on Monday, and he’ll be moving in with us for the first two weeks.  The moral support that JD can provide, having “been there,” will be invaluable in getting him through the first few weeks.  It’s strange feeling like I have to start the nightmare of the academy alongside someone all over again. More on our newest roommate next week…


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