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Motherhood Confessions

As you’re cruising down that road called parenthood, be careful about thinking you have it all figured out.

Picture this. You’ve had a great day at work and are arriving home with the baby.   Your plan? Get her inside, let the dogs out, pee, change out of your work clothes, and relax with her for a while.  You have life figured out.

The parenting gods just giggled.

You get her inside and let the dogs out. Oh, but the baby needs changed. Only a minor setback until you realize she has some of the worst diaper rash ever. No problem, you’ll let her crawl around naked while you pee and change so she can “air out.”

Of course, as soon as you set her down, she pees. Now her and the bathroom floor are covered in pee. So you take her into the other bathroom to run a bath and get her cleaned up. Meanwhile, you realize you can’t hold still and remember that you haven’t peed yet yourself.

So after the bath you suffer through her wailing while you put on diaper rash cream, then actually put a diaper on her this time. You put her in the exersaucer so you can get the bathroom floor cleaned up, and as you turn away from her and towards the bathroom, you notice wet paw prints.

Ohmygod, one of the dogs was wading around in urine while you bathed her.

You finally start to clean that up and realize that you still haven’t peed, you’re still in your work clothes, and now you’re sweaty and stressed out.

Epic fail.

Mom life. Good thing I see humor in everyday things.

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