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A Boxing Warrior I Am Not

Today we’re going to talk about that awkward moment when your husband begs you to punch him in the face.


Last week, JD and I did a boxing workout. For the first 4 rounds, he held the mitts and we did our usual combinations, but for the final rounds, he got rid of the mitts, and asked me to hit him in the head.




“C’mon, Jenny! Most women would LOVE the opportunity to hit their husband in the face!” he said enthusiastically, bouncing around.


I reached out and tapped him in the forehead with my glove.


“Hit me! For REAL,” he demanded. “It won’t hurt, I promise.”


“I don’t wanna. I’m not a violent person,” I replied.


“Hit me!”


I hit him harder, this time in the side of the head. I immediately felt bad.


“Why aren’t you wearing your head gear?” I asked.


“Because I don’t need it. I get hit in the head by guys twice your size at the gym all the time.”


I rolled my eyes. My husband and his hobbies.


“You have two options,” I told him. “Either put on the head gear and I’ll hit you harder, or keep the head gear off and I’ll continue tapping you instead.”


He opted for the head gear, and we did part of a round, but I felt ridiculous punching him, so I kept laughing and eventually gave up.


“I’m a peace-loving hippie,” I reminded him as I took off my gloves.


“We’re going to make you a warrior,” he vowed as I walked away. “You’re going to learn to love it.”


We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “A Boxing Warrior I Am Not

  1. This is hilarious! The fact that you felt so bad hitting him must be a testament to what a great marriage you have and how happy you are with him.

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