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Thursday Tip- Waze Mobile App

There is nothing quite like cruising along the highway, then suddenly finding yourself in the midst of a raging traffic jam.  How long will I be stuck here?  What’s causing this mess?  Is there an alternate route that would get me to my destination faster?

Waze can answer all of these questions.

Waze is an ingenious app that offers real-time traffic data, allows users to report incidents, offers turn-by-turn GPS directions, and will re-route you if it finds a faster way to get you to your destination.  It also warns you of hazards like if there’s a car on the shoulder or bad weather ahead.

Mind = blown.

I used this app for my big trip to Atlanta last weekend.  We hit some traffic in South Carolina and I pulled the Waze app up on my phone.  It took me off the highway for a few minutes and had me merge back on the highway a few miles down the road, past where the traffic jam was.  I utilized it again when we reached the outskirts of Atlanta and its nightmarish rush hour traffic. Every minute saved when you have a ticking time bomb in the back seat is priceless.

I highly recommend downloading the app to your phone and trying it out!

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