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Help Me! Working Moms Don’t Cook

Neither JD nor I like to cook.  Actually, JD claims he “doesn’t mind” cooking, to which I usually reply “then why don’t you do it more often?”


The point is, finding energy to cook in our house is hard, especially now that we have a baby.  I used to be able to easily cook dinner before JD got home from a day shift at 7:30pm.  On his days off, we’d either cook together or he’d make something.  Before night shifts, I’d usually whip up some omelets for us so we could grab a quick meal together before he was off to work.


But now… we’re both preoccupied with L and dinner is usually an afterthought.  We’re good about not ordering takeout all the time or anything, but these days, it seems rare that have a full-fledged meal together.  By the time dinner rolls around, we’re usually digging through the freezer and pantry trying to piece together something substantial.


For the first time in my life, I kind of miss cooking.  Okay, not really miss it, but I would like to be eating a more well-rounded, satisfying diet.  So I guess what I really miss is the end result of cooking.


I think it’s time to get creative.  We utilize the slow cooker a lot and I’ve tried a few freezer meals that I prepped, froze, and heated up later, though none really impressed us.  It’s also hard because I’m trying to stick to the vegetarian thing and that’s not really conducive to slow cooker meals.  Last week I just gave up and had my delicious, beefy French Dip sandwiches.  No, I’m not sorry.  They were quite filling (and tasty).


Anyone out there have any recipes that might come in handy? Quick? Easy? Or can be prepped ahead of time? Preferably vegetarian, but I’m open to all suggestions!

4 thoughts on “Help Me! Working Moms Don’t Cook

  1. I have a lot of quick and easy crock pot meals, but they all involve meat. Let me know if you want any. I’ll look for you for anything I can find that are vegetarian  

  2. We have taco salad night quite often (and use ground turkey) and it’s super quick. I cook the meat and Chris cuts the tomato and avocado. We have dinner ready in 15 minutes those nights.

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