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I had a half day on Friday so I could pick up L and head out to Atlanta for a girls weekend/belated bday celebration with my sister.   I don’t know what it is about that drive, but it felt infinitely long to me (maybe the 7 month old in the back seat who’d lost all patience for being in the car with 1.5 hours left to go in our trip had something to do with it). I hit Atlanta right around Friday night rush hour (excellent timing on my part), but we eventually made it safe and sound.

By the time I arrived, I was cranky and hungry, but yummy Chinese food and catching up w my sis while L bounced around the room (literally bouncing, Aunt Kelly taught her to bounce on the bed this weekend) was just what I needed to cheer me up and remind me it was all worth it.

Saturday morning, we decided to grab some coffees and enjoy the beautiful day by taking L to the playground. Obviously, she’s a little young still, but she does like the swings, plus it gt us outside and into the sunshine.


After the park, L took a long nap while Kelly and I broke in her bday present- seasons 1-4 of Friends on DVD.

Saturday evening, I took Kelly out for a belated bday dinner at Cheesecake Factory and we even managed to get patio seating!


She filled me in on grad school anecdotes- she’s now a TA teaching a Freshman writing course.  Oh, those crazy kids!

Meanwhile, L was enthralled by the sites and sounds of the city.


Can’t go to Chresecake Factory without getting dessert. I devoured half of mine before I thought to take a pic.


Sunday morning, we had brunch with some of her grad school buddies before L and I headed home.


It went by too fast but I’m always thankful for any time I can spend w my sister.


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