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Missing Them

For me, one of the hardest things about parenthood hasn’t been taking care of L.  The diaper changes, late night wake-ups, and hassle of hauling all of her gear everywhere we go is not what bothers me.  It’s the everyday stuff like grocery shopping, finding time to work out, and keeping the house clean that bothers me, because it’s getting in the way of what I really want.  Quality time with my husband and baby.




It’s one of the things about parenthood that’s been really unexpected, and I’m not sure how to adequately explain it.   I see them every day, but I miss them.  Between me and JD’s opposite schedules and trying to fit all of our other “to do’s” in, I feel like we’re missing out on time we could be spending together as a family- walking to the Farm Market, taking L to her first pumpkin patch, having a picnic, anything just to give us focused attention on each other.

JD feels it too.  I told him I think what we need is to get away for a weekend, just the three of us, so that we can spend time together without the other day-to-day distractions.  It makes me feel like a huge brat, because we actually took a couple of different vacations with various branches of the family this summer (and I know we’re SO fortunate for trips like that with them), but we agreed that we’re our own family unit now, and it’s equally important for us to spend time on our own as well.

I have zero vacation time left for the year (thanks to maternity leave and aforementioned summer vacations), but we’re going to try to squeeze in a weekend getaway sometime in October.  I’m already dreaming of a change of scenery, fresh air, and 2 glorious days of just the 3 of us.




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