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It Takes A Village

The saying “it takes a village” isn’t much of an exaggeration in our case.  Planning L’s care around a rotating police schedule, court dates, and training classes is an intricate dance.  On days JD works, she goes to our babysitter’s house.  When JD is on a night schedule, his grandma helps out on some of the extra days that the babysitter isn’t scheduled so that JD can get some sleep.  When extra things come up, we turn to other friends and family to fill the holes.

It’s practically a full time job managing and remembering it all.  Not only do I have to remember where she’s going when, but I have to negotiate trades and alternates when JD’s schedule changes (and remember these changes) and plan the baby gear I’m hauling along accordingly.  For the babysitter’s house, we need only a diaper bag with the basics, for a day at JD’s grandma, we need diaper bag + stroller + napper, and for anyone else, we need diaper bag + stroller + napper + bottles + toys.

I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t lost my mind yet.

But if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s being organized, a trait proving to be quite handy in motherhood.  For those of you wondering why JD doesn’t help with the scheduling/picking up/dropping off more, it’s because his shifts are so long, it doesn’t make sense for him to do any of the pick-ups or drop offs.  On top of that, he can’t remember the thing I asked him to do 5 minute ago, so it’s probably best for everyone involved that I just take care of this.

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