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One of the most important traits of a police wife is patience. Patience for those nights you have dinner waiting and he calls to say he’ll be late because he just got an arrest and still has to finish writing the report, patience for the times you call him while he’s working and he cuts you off mid-sentence to say “gotta go” and hangs up with no explanation, and patience for night shifts, where you can go days at a time essentially being a single parent.

If you aren’t a naturally patient person, you better learn fast, because when you’re living the life of a LEOW, you and your schedule always come second to the city.

I admit that I get frustrated sometimes. I’d like to say that I’m perfect and I’m always completely understanding, but I’m human. On particularly crappy days, I start to feel sorry for myself- like when I have to go to another event or get together with friends alone because he’s working or when all of the babysitter drop offs and pickups fall on me because I’m the one with the consistent schedule. I’m good about not resenting him, but I do resent the city and all the people he’s working to serve and protect who take for granted all he does and the sacrifices of his family. Some people will always see him as the enemy. Some people will always see him as the stereotype. The do not see the truth behind their stereotypes- the hard-working family man who is just trying to do the right thing… and his wife, forever patient.

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Oh man that, “gotta go” cut off on the phone gets me every time. I hate it. It’s worse when he says, “hold on” and I hear the radio say, “blah blah blah gunfire blah blah blah” followed by, “gotta go.” All you can do is pray, sit and wait, and hope that the phone will ring soon to let you know he’s okay.

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