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Things I’ve Learned About Motherhood

The past 7 months have been a crash course in parenting.  You learn quick, because you have to.  Here are some unexpected lessons I’ve learned along the way:

*There’s nothing graceful about it.
From fumbling around with a nursing cover to lifting a heavy ass car seat out of a SUV, everyday things have become far more complex.
Picture me stopping to drop off L on my way to work, wearing a skirt- one foot on the ground and one foot awkwardly placed on the floor of the back seat, bending in the car to avoid hitting my head, and using all my strength to lift the seat out of there without dropping my child. Pretty sure I flashed the babysitter’s entire neighborhood. Good morning, indeed.

*Elevators, side walk ramps, parking spots and baby changing stations are not as prevalent as you once thought.
I used to judge the people who would circle the parking lot until they found a “good” spot. Just walk! I wanted to say. Burn calories; save gas. I confess that I am now a parking lot-circler. Our car seat/baby carrier is heavy, and my baby is pleasantly plump. You do the math.

*Some people really don’t like kids.
Or maybe they like kids, they just prefer them not to be in the same restaurant or public place as they are (even if they aren’t disturbing anyone). Well, I prefer that you not be an a-hole, but we can’t control everything, can we?

*Poop is a frequent (and legitimate) topic of conversation between you and your spouse.
Partically because it is an indicator of your baby’s health and partially because it becomes a common happening in your day. Color, volume and frequency are all news-worthy. In fact, it’s so common that it doesn’t even gross you out anymore.

*There’s not enough coffee in the world.
I went from an occasional cup (usually decaf anyway) to a 1-2 cup a day habit.  Most days, I don’t think I could successfully complete my work day without it (And my daughter is a good sleeper! My sympathy goes out to parents of the tougher babies out there).

And finally….

You will question every decision you make.

Big or small, you make decisions every single day that affect your child’s life.  From what brand of diapers to use to deciding whether that chlorinated pool is a good idea or not, there are about a zillion choices we make.  Some are right, some are wrong, but we’re all just trying to do our best.  L is happy and healthy.  Guess I’m doing okay so far 🙂


One thought on “Things I’ve Learned About Motherhood

  1. Wow I had no idea you were a regular coffee drinker now. I feel like this is kind of a big deal. Welcome to the club!! 🙂 (omg how much will I need when I have a child..)

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