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JD’s Big Fight

So, one of JD’s (dangerous) hobbies is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, more commonly known as cage fighting). He’s been training at his gym for almost a year now, which I have no problem with, but the longer he’s trained, the more he’s wanted to take a real, amateur fight. He just informed me that his coach found him a potential fight in early October.


As his wife and mother of his baby girl, I’m not too keen on the whole fighting thing. It’s fine if he wants to hurl himself and his bike off dirt jumps or spend his nights and weekends at work dealing with gang members, but I guess this is where I draw the line (and I hate to put it like that because I’m not an “ultimatum” type of wife). He argues it’s safe, but I’m not worried about physical harm to his body; I’m mostly worried about the potential for a traumatic brain injury. He’s already had a few concussions. The more concussions and blows to the head he experiences, the more he’s at risk for permanent damage.

So, we have a deal. He’s allowed to take a fight, and I’ll go with him. We’ll both keep an open mind. If I’m still uncomfortable with it afterwards, no more fights. He can continue training at the gym, but not fighting.

He also seems to think there’s still the possibility he’ll try it and not like it. Uh, yeah right. I know my hubby. He’s going to fight. He’s going to win. He’s going to love it.


I’m filling with dread as the day approaches. I’m trying so hard to keep an open mind, but it’s not easy. It’s not just about me anymore. The last time we talked about it, I told him “You’re such a good dad, and there are so many crappy ones out there. Loralai deserves a good dad. It would be such a waste for her if you couldn’t be around, not just physically, but mentally.”

I know he gets it, but the addict in him craves the adrenaline rush, the risk.

Good luck and well wishes are welcome… for all of us.

Anyone ever seen a fight?  Am I right to worry?

6 thoughts on “JD’s Big Fight

  1. John has watched them on tv, they beat the crap out of each other. Yes, you need to keep him out of the cage. He doesn’t need another injury, which is a real possibility! He’s had too many head injuries, to add another one.

  2. Good luck to him! Officer used to do cage fighting as well (undefeated professional record – woot woot!). But terrifying for all loved ones, no matter how well trained and talented the hubs is! But we just have to remember that they know their limits and their families will always come first!

  3. That’s good you both were able to discuss it and come to a comprise/agreement. TBI is no joke. However, yes, things can get better (we have lived and worked(ing) through it), but only with medical interventions. Its also a misunderstood thing and even close friends don’t “get it”. I don’t mean to scare you, I’ve just been through it. But I agree with A Rookie’s Wife – good training and fighting in a safe and regulated league is key. Looking forward to your post with how it goes 🙂

    • I hear ya. I could deal with a physical injury (although as I’m sure you know, even that can take a huge emotional toll), but I’m worried about something happening that will take away some of the things that make him “JD.”

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