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Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day! Holiday weekends are always a little strange in our household. I work a traditional schedule and have a 3 day weekend, but we’re still limited in what we can do as a family because JD worked night shift Fri, Sat, and Sun. (Have I mentioned that the police schedule is lame?!)

Loralai and I made the most of the weekend, at least. Two of my friends and their daughters stopped by on their way to a beach trip Saturday morning.  We went to a yummy breakfast, watched some football, and the girls got a chance to play together.  L got a kick out of having someone her own age around!

Saturday night, we went to dinner to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday at the delicious italian restaurant where JD and I had our wedding reception.  Then Sunday, we went to a get together with friends.  Needless to say, we kept busy!

There’s something almost bittersweet about Labor Day. It signals the end of sunny, laid-back summer, vacations, and beach trips,


but it’s always nice to know crisp fall days and football are right around the corner.


What did you do for Labor Day weekend?

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