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Thursday Tip- Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag

Of all the baby products we registered for, bought, and were given, the diaper bag is what turned out to be the greatest dilemma.  We originally registered for this Eddie Bauer bag.  I thought we were being smart by getting this bag because it wasn’t too feminine so JD would be okay carrying it on days he had L.  It didn’t take long for me to be frustrated with this bag on multiple levels. First, I was disappointed in the quality because we’d only had it a few months before a few tears appearing in the lining.  It’s not like we toss it around or mistreat it; with a brand name like Eddie Bauer, you expect better quality.  Also, I didn’t like that the bottle pockets were on the outside, but that’s personal preference, and not really my main point.

My main issue was I found it really annoying that I had to take the diaper bag AND my purse whenever I went somewhere with the baby.  The diaper bag was stuffed full, so there was no way I could fit my stuff in there with the baby’s stuff.  Plus, there weren’t a lot of pockets on the inside, so stuff would just be in there haphazardly, making it difficult to find.

I turned to my friend (and experienced mama), Jen, for advice, and she really came through.  She recommended something from Timi and Leslie, who make gorgeous diaper bags that don’t really look like diaper bags.  I was immediately in lust; the bags were so pretty, I forgot I was shopping for a diaper bag.  I settled on the Annette in pewter and we had our solution.  The Eddie Bauer bag would be on-hand for JD days on baby duty and drop offs at the babysitter’s house, but I would keep the Timi and Leslie bag more lightly packed for evenings and weekends, so I could throw L’s stuff and my stuff in one bag.  And if you’re wondering if it’s annoying to have 2 separate bags?  No, because I keep each bag packed and ready to go, but again, that’s personal preference.

Not only does the bag work for all our stuff (plenty of pockets inside and out!) but it comes with a TON of accessories.  The changing pad is nice because it folds neatly shut and is secured with Velcro, plus it has a mesh pocket to keep a small pack of wipes and a diaper or two handy.  The bag comes with a long strap to carry it as a shoulder bag, or you can use the smaller straps as a hand bag, OR you can use stroller straps to strap it to the back of your stroller.  There’s also an insulated bottle carrier (with it’s own strap to keep handy on a stroller handle), a key clip at the top of the bag so your keys don’t sink to the bottom and get lost AND my favorite part- a mini purse for mom.  When we went on vacation, I just brought this bag to carry our stuff throughout the week, and then when JD and I had a date night, I just pulled the mini-purse out for me.



Disclaimer: I originally had the thought that I might have JD take cute pictures of me with the mimi mom bag, but then I decided the mom purse doesn’t go with yoga pants.
And since I’ve generally changed into yoga pants 60 seconds after walking in the door from work, I resorted to lame picture of diaper bag accessories on bed.  You’re welcome.

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