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Give ‘Em A Break

I had always assumed that JD told me about all of the really gruesome things he saw and all of the horrific calls he took.  Recently, he told me about something that had happened a while ago that he had never mentioned before, and I realized that most of the awful things JD sees, he never even mentions to me.  As a LEOW (Law Enforcement Officer’s Wife), if I don’t fully comprehend all of the awful things he has to deal with on a nearly daily basis, there’s no way the general public knows.


Of course, there’s always the typical cop cliches- lazy, coffee, donuts, and all that stuff.  I’ve seen people comment on news articles and complain that they always see police cruisers “just sitting there next to each other, not doing anything” (this is called cruiser spooning, by the way, a term that always makes me giggle).  I’ve also seen comments on articles where people very incorrectly talk about “lazy” police officers making “6 figure salaries.”  (Excuse me while I go LMAO.)  I wish, people.  I wish.  You can bet your ass I wouldn’t be working, if that was the case.


What I want these people to think about is this… Is there never a time at your job where you take a break or stop to talk to a co-worker?  Don’t our hard-working cops deserve a break once in a while?  Yes, sometimes you see two cruisers sitting next to each other.  They work 12 hour shifts in individual cars, so sometimes they meet up to chat.  Sometimes it’s work-related, and sometimes it’s just to take a break.  Honestly, what is the likelihood that you’ll actually see them in action?  How much time do you spend by drug dealers’ houses or chatting up gang members?  These are the types of places that their work gets done.  These are the types of things you’ll never see.

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