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Mom Life: Balance, Guilt

One of the things I’ve struggled with as a new parent is balance.  I work full-time (although in the tearful weekend before my return to work, I desperately suggested we sell everything, move to the country, and try to manage off of JD’s income alone).  Time with L is precious, but it doesn’t change the fact that the everyday stuff- laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning- still needs to get done.  I want to spend my entire weekend just relaxing and playing with her, but all of the other stuff seems to get in the way.


I now understand the meaning of “mom guilt.”  I feel guilty doing anything for myself- going to the gym, having a ladies night… and even blogging.  If I miss her so much during the week, why should I take even more time away from her to do this?  Does it make me a selfish parent?  Does it mean I’m not putting her needs before my own?


I don’t know.  What I do know, is that I’m trying my best.


I’m honestly just trying to figure out the best way to manage it all- time with L, time with JD, work, and still participating in the things that make me feel like myself.  I know in my heart, no matter how guilty it makes me feel, that I will be the best parent (and the best example to L) if I am happy and fulfilled.


I don’t just want to be there for L, I want to show her that you determine your own happiness.

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