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Night Shift- A Love/Hate Relationship

Well, JD has officially transitioned to night shift month (they rotate day and night shift every other month) and I have a confession…  As much as I complain about it, sometimes I actually like night shift.

We’ve recently taken a few trips with family. The past month and a half has felt hectic, noisy, and fast-paced.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly happy for time away with family (we took some awesome trips), but I’m ready for some quiet.

There’s something really peaceful about an evening while JD is working. I’ll make a quick, light dinner like an omelet, give Loralai a bath while singing along softly to some Jack Johnson, rock with her and read a few books, tuck her into bed, then curl up in my own bed and indulge in Sex and the City, Mean Girls, or some girly movie or show JD hates and I’ve seen a zillion times but still love anyway.


It will only take a week or so before the novelty of night shift wears off and I’ll resent our opposite schedules and essentially not seeing him for days at a time.  Still, I have to be thankful that JD and I have a rare opportunity to have time to ourselves, something couples that work the same schedule don’t have. Alone time, especially when you’re married, can be underrated, but I think it’s something everyone needs once in a while, whether they admit to it or not.

It also means we have the awesome opportunity to have one-on-one time with L. JD has her on some weekdays, and I have her some evenings and weekends. That’s something I never really considered until she joined our lives. What a rare and awesome opportunity it is to have focused time with her. Not just for my own benefit (I get all the cuddles and play time I want!) but I think it helps her strengthen her bond with each of us.  I cherished the one-on-one time I got with my parents growing up.  In fact, I would sometimes ask them to set aside time that we could do something special, just the two of us.  Loralai won’t have to ask, she will have that time every single week.  What an awesome, awesome gift.


3 thoughts on “Night Shift- A Love/Hate Relationship

  1. It is difficult at times because Quinn and I have a special moment that I want Rob to be there for but like you said, it’s great to have just mommy-daughter time and he has a little daddy-daughter time. I am actually starting to look forward to his evenings that he is at work because I have a routine of making dinner, enjoying Quinn (taking bath, etc) putting her to bed and finishing up winding down myself. Tonight I am reading blogs and painting my nails. It’s relaxing and consistent which I like since days that he is off duty we tend to make lots of plans and I get NOTHING done! haha

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