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Meet the Family

Meet my hubby, JD

JD and I were introduced 5  years ago.  I often say that JD and I had to be introduced, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have ended up together.  Not just because of geography (he was serving in the Marine Corps and stationed over 2 hours away at the time), but because he wasn’t the type of guy I typically dated.


A long-distance relationship with a tattooed, motorcycling-riding Marine, who was 3 years my junior was everything I thought I didn’t want, but I quickly learned that once you get past the tough, sarcastic exterior, there is an honest, fun, loyal, loving man who is now an awesome husband and father.



He has certainly kept things interesting over the past 5 years.  As an adrenaline junkie with serious ADD, he is continuously testing out new, dangerous activities.  From hobbies that include BMX bikes, MMA, and motorcycles, to his career choice as a police officer, JD is constantly living life on the edge and keeping me on my toes.  Ultimately, I think we balance each other out.   I keep him grounded and he encourages me to step outside my boundaries by turning me on to things like camping.


Meet our daughter, Loralai

Last year, we were elated to learn we were expecting our first child.  Loralai Violet made her debut in February after only 3 hours of labor and a dramatic rush to the hospital, complete with a police escort (the benefits of being a police wife)!   She is now 6 months, and is the happiest, most easygoing baby.  She’s made our transition to parenthood easy and brings us so much joy to our lives.


Meet our pups

Rounding out our family of 6 are our 3 rescue dogs, Harrier, Boyd, and Sadie.  With the 3 of them around, our house tends to resemble a zoo.  Two dogs is a lot; three is definitely too many, but when Sadie appeared in our life, we couldn’t resist.

JD adopted Harrier as a puppy, well before I came into the picture.  Harrier is intuitive and protective and I know Loralai and I are 100% safe when JD is working nights.  He’s great with kids and is the best behaved of our 3 (although that’s not saying a lot).


We adopted Boyd after JD and I bought our house.  Boyd is the largest of our 3 but also the biggest baby.  He’s a gentle giant, a huge cuddle bug, and super patient with kids.  He is also slobbery, socially awkward, and dopey.  He lets out a loud, desperate wail when he sees or hears other dogs, making it extremely difficult to take him anywhere, which is frustrating when we’re taking him back and forth to the vet for his various health issues, including skin allergies, ear infections, and stomach sensitivities.  We love him, though 🙂


JD found Sadie injured and hiding in a bush one day when he stopped to take a break from a motorcycle ride.  Animal control took her to the county shelter, where she was put on a 3 day hold.  No one claimed her, and our hearts broke.  Initially, we were planning to foster her while she healed from hip surgery and a broken foot, but somewhere in there she won our hearts and we ended up adopting her.  She’s our diva dog and gets what she wants, when she wants it.


So, that’s my family.  Between the 5 of them, they keep me quite busy.  I’m sure there will be many anecdotes to come.

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